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  • Greenlife Inn at Mimosa (Tryon)
  • D. Brandon Henderson (Bostic)
  • Kangaroo Products Company (Columbus)
  • Mill Spring Fire Department (Mill Spring)
  • Team CFA Foundation, Inc. (Forest City)
  • All Store Center (Forest City)
  • Tryon Cinema, LLC (Tryon)
  • Piedmont Utility Group, LLC (Mooresboro)
  • Carpenter Design, Inc. (Rutherfordton)
  • KidSenses Children’s Museum (Rutherfordton)
  • Latex Construction Company (Mooresboro)
  • Lifestyle Wellness & Spa (Forest City)
  • McConnell Group Public Relations (Rutherfordton)
  • Blue Prism Internet (Forest City)
  • Drop In Family Market (Bostic)
  • Lionheart Gaming Co. (Rutherfordton)
  • Little Cubbard, Inc. (Rutherfordton)
  • Small Town Coffee Roasters (Rutherfordton)
  • Ray Gasperson (Columbus)
  • Preferred Choice Healthcare (Rutherfordton)
  • Tim Turner (Rutherfordton)
  • Cozy Fleece (Mooresboro)
  • Southern Manners (Columbus)
  • Isaac Aaron Media (Rutherfordton)
  • Wolf & Oxley, PLLC (Forest City)
  • Spindale Family Practice (Spindale)
  • Softplay Solutions USA, LLC (Mill Spring)
  • Adullam Christian Ministries (Spindale)


  • Avery Creek Nursery (Columbus)
  • Blue Ridge Community Health Services (Columbus)
  • Carolina Plumbing (Rutherfordton)
  • Midway Baptist Church (Columbus)
  • Chuck Taylor, CPA (Tryon)
  • Easley Appellate Practice PLLC (Tryon)
  • McCurry Deck Motors, Inc. (Forest City)
  • Breakthrough Chiropractic Clinic (Spindale)
  • Foothills Animal Clinic (Forest City)
  • Sustainable Impact, LLC (Tryon)
  • The MVP Service, LLC (Lake Lure)
  • LNS & Associates, LLC (Forest City)
  • Ruff’ton Brewhouse (Rutherfordton)
  • Gargiulo, Inc. (Tryon)
  • Grindstaff’s Interiors (Forest City)
  • Harris Custom Cabinetry (Forest City)
  • Camp Lurecrest Ministries, Inc. (Lake Lure)
  • Cozy Fleece (Forest City)
  • Lake Lure Coffee (Lake Lure)
  • Vista NC Management, Inc. (Lake Lure)
  • Carolina Properties (Lake Lure)
  • Rutherford County Chamber of Commerce (Rutherfordton)
  • Tryon International Equestrian Center (Mill Spring)
  • Willow Ridge Rehabilitation & Living Center (Rutherfordton)
  • Mr. Lake Lure (Lake Lure)
  • Black Coffee Tryon, LLC (Tryon)
  • Grace Foothills Church (Tryon)
  • Town of Columbus
  • Workforce Benefits Company (Lake Lure)
  • Tryon SDA Church (Tryon)
  • The Alz App LLC (Mill Spring)


  • Carolina Computer Solutions (Columbus)
  • Gilkey Lumber Company (Rutherfordton)
  • Washburn Law, PLLC (Columbus)
  • Green River Acres, LLC (Lake Lure)
  • Pisgah Legal Services (Rutherfordton)
  • Huckleberry’s Restaurant (Tryon)
  • Hinkle’s Pet Hospital (Spindale)
  • Swiftwater Farm (Lake Lure)
  • Town of Rutherfordton (Rutherfordton)
  • K. Brothers Construction LLC (Lake Lure)
  • MP Internationale, Ltd. (Mill Spring)
  • RHI Legacy, Inc. (Rutherfordton)
  • Cielo Real Estate, Inc. (Tryon)
  • Forest City Associates (Forest City)
  • Organic Skin Care & Manicuring (Tryon)
  • First United Methodist Church (Forest City)
  • Colonial Manor Rest Home (Rutherfordton)
  • Rutherford County Library (Spindale)
  • United Way of Rutherford County, Inc. (Spindale)
  • Arledge Law Firm, PLLC (Rutherfordton)
  • Manual Woodworkers, Inc. (Spindale)
  • Medical Arts Pharmacy (Forest City)
  • Steps to HOPE, Inc. (Columbus)
  • Second Baptist Church of Rutherfordton (Rutherfordton)
  • Moneto, LLC (Lake Lure)
  • Rutherford Heating & Air (Spindale)


  • Blue Ridge Laser Eye Associates (Columbus)
  • Cleghorn Plantation Golf & Country Club (Rutherfordton)
  • DukeNet
  • Rumbling Bald Resort on Lake Lure (Lake Lure)
  • Carnes & Associates, Inc. (Lake Lure)
  • Hospice of Rutherford County (Forest City)
  • Dr. Sandra McCormack (Tryon)
  • Fulton Technology Corporation (Mooresboro)
  • Touchstone Fine Cabinetry (Rutherfordton)
  • Youth Empowerment, Inc. (Forest City)
  • ThirtyOx (Forest City)
  • Rutherford Sales and Recovery (Forest City)
  • O’Duggan’s Coffee Pub (Tryon)
  • Job Skills Academy (Columbus)
  • B & W Fiberglass – new location (Forest City)
  • Trelleborg (Rutherfordton)
  • Washburn Realty – new location (Rutherfordton)
  • Wayne Wire Die Company (Columbus)
  • Drop In Food Stores (Forest City)
  • Major Lee’s, Inc. (Forest City)
  • Advent Internal Medicine (Tryon)


  • Coldwell Banker – Matheny Real Estate (Rutherfordton)
  • Brasfield & Goorie, LLC (Columbus)
  • Forest Edwards Insurance (Forest City)
  • Charles Watkins Auto (Forest City)
  • WNC Edutech (Columbus)
  • Staton & Cooper (Rutherfordton)
  • Rutherford Life Services (Spindale)
  • Rutherford Regional Medical Center (Rutherfordton)
  • Town of Spindale
  • Daniel Dry Goods (Tryon)
  • Medical Records Retrieval (Columbus)
  • Chop Shop Auto Parts (Forest City)