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  • PANGAEA has always been a rock solid, reliable internet solution

    PANGAEA has always been a rock solid, reliable internet solution for us. As our needs change, they willingly change with us. Great company with a great staff!
    Bruce Yelton , Polk County Government

  • We’ve steadily expanded our relationship and have run fiber to additional town facilities

    PANGAEA has been a great partner and broadband solution for the Town of Lake Lure. Our fiber optic connection has been fast and reliable and the staff at PANGAEA is always quick to respond to our requests. Since we first connected Town Hall, we’ve steadily expanded our relationship and have run fiber to additional town facilities. PANGAEA is now providing a free, public wi-fi network along our tourism corridor between Lake Lure and Chimney Rock Village. It’s clear we have similar goals–to make high-speed internet a basic utility that is available to everyone.
    Chris Braund, Town Manager, Lake Lure, NC

  • Reliable internet service that is crucial to government needs

    PANGAEA connectivity allows the Polk County Government to share information instantaneously between county departments as well as pool resources. PANGAEA provides reliable Internet Service that is crucial to Government needs, especially for the 911 Services.
    Marche Pittman, System Coordinator, Polk County Government, Columbus NC


  • This network has allowed our teachers and students the ability to reach a wealth of educational resources

    Rutherford County Schools in partnership with Rutherford County Government and PANGAEA has leased a state-of-the-art fiber optic wide area network (WAN) including 10-gigabit connections to three middle schools and three high schools and 1-gigabit connections to ten elementary schools and three administrative sites. This network along with the upstream link from PANGAEA has allowed our teachers and students the ability to reach a wealth of educational resources that before were almost unusable due to lack of bandwidth and network capacity. It also allows the students in Rutherford County Schools to access the many resources and educational opportunities that many other affluent school districts have had in place for several years. Our students now can compete with the students in those areas and be better prepared for higher education and/or the world of work (global economy).
    Benny Hendrix – Rutherford County Schools

  • We couldn’t continue to be one of the highest performing school systems in the state without the reliability of this network

    Polk County Schools has used PANGAEA for over 12 years to provide access to online resources for both our instructional and business operations. During this time, we have migrated many of our technology services to cloud based operations and the PANGAEA network has grown with us over the years. Since day one, they have supported our needs extremely well. The most recent addition to our network is a county-wide Voice Over IP phone system that will support about 300 phones. The PANGAEA network now carries all of the data and voice services to 8 separate schools in the county. We are very pleased with the service and value we receive from PANGAEA and we couldn’t continue to be one of the highest performing school systems in the state without the reliability of this network.
    Dave Scherping – Polk County Schools

  • We have upgraded our middle and high schools to 10GB links with no issues

    Stu and Ron at PANGAEA have been responsive to any fiber issues. Fiber cuts are handled quickly and with quick status updates; both voice and text. PANGAEA has also proactively replaced standard aerial fiber with armored fiber in places where damage could occur due to nature (squirrels). We have also upgraded our middle and high schools to 10GB links with no issues over PANGAEA fiber.
    Michael Thompson, Rutherford County Schools

  • PANGAEA has made a significant impact on our school

    Having a solid internet provider like PANGAEA has made a significant impact on our school system. The tools we use on a daily basis would not be nearly as effective without the fast and reliable internet connection that PANGAEA provides.
    Brian Bridges, Rutherford County Schools

Health Care

  • That’s what I call Service

    Just wanted to give a HUGE thanks to PANGAEA’s Ken for coming to the rescue at my office following a power surge last week. It was getting late in the evening on Friday when we noticed that we could not connect to the internet and our office software is in the cloud, therefore if we can’t get into the cloud software then it would be very difficult to treat patients on Saturday morning. After one call to PANGAEA, Ken came straight over and had us back up in no time. Come to find out we never lost internet service it was just that the surge reset our router. Even though this was not the responsibility of PANGAEA, Ken had us back to full flow in just minutes. That’s what I call service. Had this been AT&T, I would have had to take a number and wait a few days that we didn’t have.

    Dr. Scott Rash, Breakthrough Chiropractic, Spindale, NC

  • PANGAEA has helped our business tremendously

    PANGAEA has helped our business tremendously. We are now able to electronically “flip” from chart to chart with ease and speed, where as we experiences long wait times with other internet service providers. We have been pleased with our service and look forward to an even faster PANGAEA very soon!
    Danielle Gibbs, Gallant Enterprises, Columbus, NC

  • Great customer service; great internet speed

    I have been using PANGAEA for 3 years now; Great Customer Service, Great internet Speed. Just wish I could get the quality at my house.
    Cynthia Milligan, To The Point Healthcare, Columbus, NC

  • My metropolitan colleagues are quite surprised with what we have in our rural area

    PANGAEA’s service has been great for us. It has been very reliable and expandable as needed. You have provided excellent support when needed. Many of my colleagues from more metropolitan areas are quite surprised when I tell them what we have available in our little rural town.
    Scott Warren, CooperRiis, Inc., Mill Spring, NC

  • PANGAEA has been a Godsend

    PANGAEA has been a Godsend for CooperRiis. Not sure we would have built our facility here had it not been for PANGAEA.
    Lisbeth Cooper, CooperRiis Healing Center, Mill Spring, NC

  • A connection speed that supports electronic practice management

    Shortly after the Rutherford Community Health Center opened its doors at our new location in Spindale in May of 2011, we began the daunting task of transitioning to electronic practice management and electronic medical records. Our initial service provider was unable to offer the connection speed necessary to support this function. We have been very happy with our connectivity through PANGAEA. Thank you!
    Michelle Pimentel, Rutherford Community Health Center, Spindale, NC

  • We have never experienced an outage

    We have used PANGAEA for more than a year now. Our previous internet provider was continually having outages and connection problems. As a healthcare provider, we rely on connectivity 24/7. With PANGAEA we have never experienced an outage.
    John Cilone, FairHaven Nursing Home, Bostic, NC

  • There are a lot of happy, happy PANGAEA people at White Oak

    Our Nursing Facility had no internet connection because of our location. We tried for several months to a year and no one would help us with internet connection. Then we heard about PANGAEA. They not only provided us with an excellent service but they were excellent to work with in all ways. Our staff, residents, family members and community resources thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your willingness to help us without just shutting the door in our face. There are a lot of happy, happy PANGAEA people at White Oak.
    Kally Dotson, White Oak of Rutherfordton, NC

  • Increased productivity, great service

    We were using another internet service at the facility where we now have PANGAEA and our productivity has increased and our staff loves the speeds and reliability. As a person who answers IT Helpdesk calls, I can tell you the service is great.
    Carole Finger, Heritage Healthcare, Inc., Rutherfordton, NC

  • PANGAEA’s high speed allows our therapists more time with the patients

    PANGAEA changed the way our therapists worked. High speed internet allows them more time with the patients and less time in front of a computer, which is a win for everyone.
    Josh Scott, Heritage Healthcare, Inc., Rutherfordton, NC

  • Attentive to immediate needs

    They have been attentive whenever I have called and needed immediate attention.
    Gina Durand, Foothills Medical Associates, Columbus, NC

  • “I was never happy with cable or DSL…No problems with PANGAEA fiber”

    Fiber has been the best thing I have added to my practice. All our patient records are accessed via the internet so speed is a must. I was never happy with cable or DSL. They always seemed to be too slow and would go down several times a day. No problems with PANGAEA fiber. It works great day after day and the cost is about the same.
    Dr. Jeffery Viar, Foothills Medical Associates, Columbus, NC

  • No dropped service, so much faster!

    Tuesday rolled around…time to see patients AND IT WAS WONDERFUL! No consistently dropped internet service, like Windstream! Internet service was so much faster! Wish we would have done this a long time ago! Your customer service was excellent. Looks like you guys are in the same business as us, “making people smile”… because we surely are smiling now with our great service! Melody Levi, Dr. Steve Edney Orthodontics, Columbus, NC

  • A simple phone call fixes an issue, even when it has nothing to do with PANGAEA’s equipment

    The service is very reliable, and if I ever do have a connection problem a phone call quickly tells me whether it’s a network issue or something on my end. Even if it is an issue that has nothing to do with PANGAEA’s equipment, the staff is friendly and helps me to get back online.
    Steve Burney, Medicap Pharmacy, Columbus, NC

  • Without your high speed, I would have had to move files on CDs

    I LOVE the high speed. My office is in NC and I work in Florida. I download every day, huge files over the internet. I do it all wirelessly. Without your high speed, I would have had to move these files from NC to FL on CDs. Thanks, PANGAEA!
    John Hugill, Medical Records Retrieval, Mill Spring, NC

  • I love PANGAEA! Fast, reliable internet

    I love PANGAEA! The internet is fast! It is perfect for a busy office. When I am looking up information for a client or trying to make an order, it is great to have fast, reliable internet service. I hardly ever have a problem with losing service but, when I have PANGAEA has it fixed in no time. I never have to make an appointment, just to have a technician not show up. I wish PANGAEA was available at my home.
    Betty Anne Foster, Tryon Therapeutic Massage, Tryon, NC

  • Service is proven to be dependable

    PANGAEA Internet service has proven to be dependable. In our office we rarely have an issue with our connectivity that is not easily solved within minutes, right here within our building. I am pleased with what I hear from others in the community about PANGAEA as well!!
    Dr. Jennifer Hughes, Serenity Chiropractic Center, PLLC, Rutherfordton, NC

Commercial & Wholesale

  • PANGAEA is saving me valuable time and money

    I appreciate PANGAEA saving me valuable time which in turn saves my company money. With the last carrier, I called monthly about my bill. I have never had to call once about my bill with PANGAEA. If I call the office with a question, I get an answer quickly. No one tries to sell me anything. What I really love is the consistency of their speed. Best decision I ever made was to switch.

    Pat Buede, Workforce Benefits Company

  • Internet is Fantastic

    Internet is fantastic, thank you. Uploading my first 1.5 Gbs now!!
    Monica Stevenson, Monica Stevenson Photography, Mill Spring, NC

  • It’s lightning fast

    I just wanted to say thanks and we LOVE PANGAEA! It’s the easiest swap we’ve ever made, and it’s lightning fast. It takes at least one stress out of our work day.
    Dr. Gretchen Kelly, Foothills Animal Clinic, Forest City, NC

  • It is really nice to deal with local folks

    I was very pleased with the response to our request to obtain the PANGAEA service. They came out immediately and within 1 week we were hooked up and going. The service is so much faster than our previous vendor could ever hope to supply and is less expensive to boot! All of our staff is able to use the internet readily and we no longer have to reboot our router 25 times a day. It is also really nice to deal with local folks that you can get to know and work with on a regular basis.
    Lee Lindsay, Steps to Hope, Columbus, NC

  • 8 years and zero interruptions to service

    It’s a rock solid service with near zero downtime. I’ve been with them 8 years now and have had zero interruptions to service. Highly recommend to any business wanting a professional connection.
    Tom Roberson, City Computer, Forest City, NC

  • Service and up-time has never been an issue

    I have been handling our small company’s daily IT chores for several years and recently took over management of our accounts. I have to say that the name PANGAEA doesn’t come up at all in my daily tasks, thankfully. The service and up-time provided has never been an issue that affected our normal daily operations. That is very important with all of the cloud based accounts that we utilize now.
    Chris Spratt, Diamondback Tactical, Spindale, NC

  • The speed and reliability rival any other options

    We have been using PANGAEA at our office since 2011 and consider it an important tool. The speed & reliability rival any other options. Thanks for being in our community.
    Kathy Toomey, New View Realty, Tryon, NC

  • PANGAEA is a top shelf internet service provider

    I appreciate the level of speed and the consistency of connectivity. In my opinion, PANGAEA is a top shelf Internet service provider.
    Matt Bright, Bright Asset Management, Forest City, NC

  • The internet speed is wonderful

    The switch over from AT&T to PANGAEA was quite simple. Their workers made the transition of service seamless. I was most impressed that we had no down time and have had no problems with the service. The internet speed is wonderful!!
    Faye Hassell, United Way of Rutherford County, Inc., Spindale, NC

  • Dependability and connectivity are crucial; PANGAEA is exactly what we were looking for

    Dependability and connectivity are crucial in our business. With our old internet provider, we were constantly having issues with outages and equipment failures. We have been with PANGAEA for a little over a year now and we have not been down once! This is exactly what we were looking for!
    John Harrill, Drop-In Food Stores, Forest City, NC 28043

  • Because of PANGAEA, we are on the edge of the newest technology for our area

    At the Chamber, we frequently get positive comments on our fast internet speed when we host meetings and seminars. It is a great service to offer visitors to our facility. Because of PANGAEA Internet, we on the edge of the newest technology for our area at the Chamber of Commerce. This is a “must” in attracting new members, and helping the Chamber continue to be a viable organization that benefits businesses in the community.
    Janet Sciacca, Carolina Foothills Chamber of Commerce, Tryon, NC

  • We have never had internet downtime; I would recommend PANGAEA

    PANGAEA is an excellent internet provider. We have never had any internet downtime since we joined their service. They also plan to increase their already fast speeds without any additional cost to us, which I think is an excellent bonus. I would recommend PANGAEA to any business or individual seeking fast and reliable internet service.
    Samuel Staton, Staton CPA, P.C., Rutherfordton, NC

  • Down time just doesn’t happen

    PANGAEA works great. Definitely the best service in Rutherford County. Down time just doesn’t happen.
    Chuck Haynes, Carolina Insurance, Forest City, NC

  • PANGAEA has changed the way we do business

    PANGAEA has changed the way we do business. PANGAEA’s speed and reliability has allowed us to confidently offer internal services between our operations that were not reliable enough to do before PANGAEA! Installation and technical help after installation have been stellar. A sincere thank you to the PANGAEA Team!
    Kevin Johnson, Wayne Wire Die Co., Columbus, NC

  • PANGAEA provides the quality of service that no one else in the community is able to provide

    PANGAEA continues to grow and provide increasing bandwidth to its customers to allow us to keep up with the growing need for bandwidth. They are providing the quality of service that no one else in the community is able to provide and that is becoming increasingly necessary for a business to remain competitive.
    Dana Conner, Conner Computer Consultants, Rutherfordton, NC

  • PANGAEA has increased our productivity and connections with the customers we serve

    KCH Engineered Systems was likely one of the first businesses in Rutherford County to install PANGAEA Internet Fiber service. The speed and reliability was instantly leaps and bounds beyond any local alternatives. It has truly increased our productivity and connections with the customers we serve throughout the United States, and we continue to see that to this day.
    Kyle Hankinson, KCH Engineered Systems, Forest City, NC

  • I would recommend PANGAEA to everyone

    The customer service is excellent. The few times I have had to call Stu is right there when we need him! I would recommend PANGAEA to everyone!
    Kelly McGowen, Gaming Tickets, Inc., Columbus, NC

  • Our business depends on PANGAEA

    Excellent, dependable service. Our business depends on it!
    Betty Ramsey, Tryon Newsmedia, Tryon, NC

  • Your presence in these under-served counties has made a huge difference

    PANGAEA provides Skyrunner, Inc. with backbone services in 2 counties. You have always been easy to work with, fast to respond to problems, and committed to giving us the quality and quantity of bandwidth we need to provide Internet service to over 400 wireless customers. Your presence in these under-served counties has made a huge difference to these mostly rural users. Thank you!
    Art Mandler, Skyrunner, Asheville, NC

  • PANGAEA has provided a very high standard for uptime and quality of service

    PANGAEA has provided a very high standard for uptime and quality of service for our business. This is critical we use the internet for our phone systems, where we take a large number of sales orders through our call center operation. They have been a great partner.
    Richard Hendricks, Tanner Companies, LLC, Rutherfordton, NC

  • Appreciate the service and reliability, and the speed of uploads and downloads

    We have been using PANGAEA internet service for about 2 years and we have not had an outage once. The speed downloads and uploads are much better than we had with our previous high speed internet carrier. We appreciate the service and reliability that has come from PANGAEA internet and look forward to many more years of service from them.
    Gary Christian, Jeweltex Fabrics, Forest City, NC

  • High quality, high speed, low cost service

    PANGAEA was a logical choice for White Oak Carpet Mill. They provided plenty of bandwidth at an affordable price, well beyond any other option in our area. We’d wholeheartedly recommend PANGAEA to anyone who is looking for high quality, high speed, low cost service.
    Burke Jones, White Oak Carpet Mill, Spindale, NC

  • Communicate at the speed of light

    As a small business competing in a Global economy, we have found PANGAEA to be a true asset for our company. The ability to communicate with our trading partners at the speed of light has truly enhanced our competiveness and efficiencies. We believe PANGAEA to be an asset to small businesses in our county.
    Bryan King, President, Lakeside Mills, Inc., Rutherfordton, NC

  • A reliable network is key to my business

    A reliable network is key to my business. Without PANGAEA I would be stuck with those “Other guys” that go down once or twice a month. An internet outage costs me money. The few times PANGAEA did have an outage over the past 7 years (I can count them on one hand) the service was restored quickly due to the staff working day and night to get it up and running again.
    William (Billy) King, High-Tech House Call, LLC, Tryon, NC

  • Being able to offer fiber optic internet to potential tenants has swayed the decision for several interested businesses

    I have a different experience than most with PANGAEA as the Director of the Mill Spring Ag Center. Being able to offer fiber optic internet to potential tenants has swayed the decision for several businesses interested in renting here. And as always, Stu has been a great resource and a great partner for the Ag Center.
    Patrick McLendon, Mill Spring Ag Center, Mill Spring, NC

  • Locations in Tryon and Forest City operate much more efficiently

    We are extremely pleased with the service provided by PANGAEA. During our office remodel, we had to vacate our current building and utilize a temporary location. Ron was very accommodating in getting both of our buildings up and running with the fiber connection. We have had very few problems and with the speed of the connection; both our Tryon and Forest City locations are able to operate much more efficiently.
    Diane Warner, Main Street Financial Group, Forest City, NC

  • Speed is great

    We have had good success with PANGAEA. The internet rarely goes down and the speed is great compared to our previous vendor.
    Dwayne Hunt, Insurance Service Associates, Forest City, NC

  • We love PANGAEA

    We love PANGAEA. We have used them for several years and have never had an issue. We get great service and internet speed is very fast.
    King Law Offices Cindy Andrews, King Law Offices, Rutherfordton, NC

  • No speed difference at peak times, costs reduced by over half

    Wow! Connecting to the fiber optic network has made so much difference. We tried cable and DSL and I really could not tell any difference between the two After connecting to PANGEA, our VOIP has performed flawlessly and the speed is amazing. I can send and receive files without any concern for having to wait. Even at peak times, I experience no difference in speeds. But probably the best thing is the cost savings! My communications costs have been reduced by over 50% and my staff can finally work remotely and be just as effective as they are being in one of our offices. Having this bandwidth is helping me to transform my business!
    Brent Washburn, President, Washburn Realty, Inc., Rutherfordton, NC

  • We love PANGAEA. We love the speed.

    We love PANGAEA. We love the speed. We have it in our business and make it available to our customers. We also keep PANGAEA cards to distribute to our customers and have recommended. We would like to see PANGAEA expanded and made available to more areas, particularly at the north end of Lake Lure where AT&T has no more connections available to some of the residents.
    Ryan Rogalski, Sotheby’s International Realty, Lake Lure, NC

  • Very good value and speed

    The value for the service and speed is very good. I also appreciate the simple billing. I can’t imagine why any business would continue to use AT&T when PANGAEA is available. Thank you!! Carole McKay, Southeby’s International Realty, Lake Lure, NC

  • PANGAEA’s responsiveness and willingness to help at any time is “stu”pendous!

    PANGAEA has been an incredible upgrade from the nationally known provider we used previously. Their responsiveness and willingness to help at any time is “stu”pendous! We are very thankful to have this resource!
    Dorothy Roche, Herrmann International, Lake Lure, NC

  • PANGAEA gives us faster speed, lower monthly costs & reliability

    Switching to PANGAEA for our internet service when our office relocated was the best decision we could have made! Compared to our previous provider, PANGAEA has given us faster speed, lower monthly costs & reliability. Thank you PANGAEA!!!
    Tracie Washington, Coldwell Banker-Matheny Real Estate, Rutherfordton, NC

  • Without a doubt the most reliable and fastest connection available in our area

    We at Allrail Inc. have been extremely pleased with our internet service from PANGAEA. It is without a doubt the most reliable and fastest connection available in our area. It has been crucial for our business and I’m not sure how we operated effectively without it before. PANGAEA offers the perfect combination of superior service and excellent support.
    David Swain, Allrail, Inc., Rutherfordton, NC

  • Internet service is excellent and first rate

    Using PANGAEA internet service has been a reliable, fast way for this company to accomplish its main goal of excellent customer service. Internet service is excellent and first rate!
    Donna Torres, Allrail, Inc., Rutherfordton, NC

  • Exceptional customer service, extremely competitive price

    PANGAEA has always been very responsive to our questions and concerns. Stu provides exceptional customer service. And the price is extremely competitive.
    Karyl Fuller, Isothermal Planning, Rutherfordton, NC

  • PANGAEA provides access that is stable and viable for our business

    PANGAEA works well for us. It provides the access that is stable and viable for our business. The speed is comparable to other High speed sources.
    Jenesis Software, Forest City, NC

  • For any business network, switching to PANGAEA should be a no-brainer

    Best thing we ever did was switch to PANGAEA, as it relates to internet connectivity. It ended 10 years of frustration with other local options. For any business network this decision should be a no-brainer.
    Lonnie Raber, Gospel Express, Columbus, NC

  • Since 2008, I have been continually impressed with the stability of the network and the quality of support

    After years of trying competing services with unsatisfactory results, I connected with PANGAEA in 2008 and have since been continually impressed with the stability of the network, and the quality of support I’ve received. In my business the ability to upload HD video content quickly is imperative; PANGAEA is extremely fast and very reliable.
    Kyle Sisk, Divine Communications, Forest City, NC

  • Saves a lot of time

    PANGAEA helped my stores a lot. I couldn’t get DSL or any other service at my locations. Now I can link the stores cash registers together and save a lot of time.
    Tim Mace, Mt. Vernon Cubbard, Forest City, NC

  • PANGAEA experience has been terrific. Thanks PANGAEA!

    Our PANGAEA experience has been terrific! We now have the ability to implement VOIP phone systems as well as expand our networking capabilities which was not an option with our former internet provider. Thanks PANGAEA!
    J.R. Grogan, KCH Services, Forest City, NC

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