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January – March 2014

  • Blue Ridge Laser Eye Associates (Columbus)
  • Cleghorn Plantation Golf & Country Club (Rutherfordton)
  • DukeNet
  • Rumbling Bald Resort on Lake Lure (Lake Lure)
  • Carnes & Associates, Inc. (Lake Lure)
  • Hospice of Rutherford County (Forest City)

January - December 2013

  • Coldwell Banker – Matheny Real Estate (Rutherfordton)
  • Brasfield & Goorie, LLC (Columbus)
  • Forest Edwards Insurance (Forest City)
  • Charles Watkins Auto (Forest City)
  • WNC Edutech (Columbus)
  • Staton & Cooper (Rutherfordton)
  • Rutherford Life Services (Spindale)
  • Rutherford Regional Medical Center (Rutherfordton)
  • Town of Spindale
  • Daniel Dry Goods (Tryon)
  • Medical Records Retrieval (Columbus)
  • Chop Shop Auto Parts (Forest City)


PANGAEA Internet Launches Wi-Fi Trial in Downtown Tryon



PANGAEA Internet Launches Wi-Fi Trial in Downtown Tryon


TRYON, NC / March 28, 2014 - PANGAEA Internet (PANGAEA), the leading commercial provider of high-speed fiber optic internet service for Polk and Rutherford Counties, has launched a trial Wi-Fi service in downtown Tryon. The trial period will extend through the end of 2014 and is intended to evaluate Wi-Fi technology, determine coverage areas, and gauge consumer demand.


Dual band wireless access points in storefronts and on rooftops provide the Wi-Fi service, which is aimed at visitors to downtown Tryon, area residents, and small downtown-based businesses with basic internet needs. Mobile devices, such as phones and tablets, as well as personal computers with Wi-Fi capability can access the service.

Wi-Fi coverage is offered between Tryon Town Hall/Rogers Park and the PANGAEA office near Side Street Pizza. The Wi-Fi connections are:


The FREE offering is a low bandwidth, no-cost service, providing the ability to check emails and browse the Internet.


A “Splash Page” appears when users first access the FREE Wi-Fi network.  Using PayPal or a Credit Card, FREE users may purchase higher speed connectivity.


The PAID offering is a higher speed service, for longer term usage, requiring a Security Key provided by PANGAEA Internet for a monthly fee.

“By using Open-Mesh access points and our fiber optic network we have covered the downtown Trade Street area of Tryon,” according to PANGAEA Internet Operations Director Stu Davidson. “The PANGAEA Wi-Fi solution works well, is reliable, and is cost efficient to deploy.” Additional trial markets are under consideration. PANGAEA Internet welcomes community feedback about this trial program, which can be provided online at

PANGAEA Internet (pan-GEE-ah) is a non-profit provider of high-speed fiber optic internet service. Our network currently serves customers at over 140 locations across Polk and Rutherford Counties, including public school districts, city and county governments, health care facilities, and local businesses. Visit us online at, or contact Executive Director Ron Walters at 828-859-3072.
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PANGAEA Internet | Post Office Box 340 | Tryon | NC | 28782


I LOVE the high speed

I LOVE the high speed. My office is in NC and I work in Florida. I download every day, huge files over the internet. I do it all wirelessly. Without your high speed, I would have had to move these files from NC to FL on CDs. Thanks, PANGAEA!
John Hugill, Medical Records Retrieval, Mill Spring, NC

PANGAEA Internet What’s Happening


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Meet the Board 
Jeff Byrd, Director

“I have enjoyed working on the e-Polk Inc. (dba PANGAEA Internet) board since its inception, since it was just an exploratory committee seeking ways to improve life in our community through connectivity. To see a professionally run company today, with 200 miles of fiber optic cable in two counties, is a great satisfaction. I am proud of PANGAEA and excited about the economic development and public service PANGAEA will continue to bring to our foothills communities in the years to come.”

Customer Referral Program
PANGAEA Internet is available to all commercial customers that are near our fiber route.  (See our Network Map.)  If a referral from a current PANGAEA customer results in a signed service agreement, we will credit your PANGAEA invoice $200!!!  Click this link to fill out the form.

Board Officers
Jim Edwards (President)
Joe Crowder (Secretary)
Harry Grymes (Treasurer)
Board Directors
Chris Braund
Jeff Byrd
Keven McCammon
Rhonda Owens
Marche Pittman
Russ Pitts
Ron Walters, Executive Director
Stu Davidson, Operations Director
Carolyn Whitehead, Office Administrator
Contract Support
Jody Gill, CPA, Accounting & Reporting
Sean O’Connell, Network Technician

Testimonial Winner!


Our first quarter testimonial winner of a $200 Invoice Credit was
Kally Dotson of White Oak of Rutherfordton.  Read Kally’s testimonial
 on the Testimonial Page of our website.

If you haven’t already submitted a customer testimonial, please take a few minutes and tell us how PANGAEA Internet has impacted your organization.  Every quarter, all customers who have submitted testimonials will be entered into a drawing to receive a $200 invoice credit!  Click this link to submit a testimonial.

Polk County Business & Community Expo
Thanks to the Carolina Foothills Chamber of Commerce for hosting the first annual Business & Community Expo in Polk County, NC.  The Expo was well attended by area residents and other local business owners.

And the Survey Says . . .  ”Happy Customers”


We would like to thank our customers who took part in PANGAEA Internet’s 2013 Customer Satisfaction Survey. The results of the survey show customers are very pleased with the performance, value, and service which PANGAEA Internet provides, and are experiencing even greater satisfaction with our service than they were in 2012. Among the survey highlights:

  • 95% of survey respondents rated PANGAEA Internet’s performance and value as excellent or above average, a 4% increase from last year.
  • 100% of respondents consider our timely response & problem-solving to be excellent or above average, a 3% increase from last year.
  • 100% of respondents would recommend our service to others, up 7% from last year.
  • 93% of respondents believe PANGAEA Internet has an excellent or above average impact on our community.

PANGAEA Grant Awards . . . 
PANGAEA Internet recently awarded grants to several new customers.  These grant funds assisted with installation costs for PANGAEA’s “Speed of Light” fiber optic internet service.
Read more about the grant program here.
Dr. Sandra McCormack
Hospice of Rutherford County
PANGAEA Internet | | 75 S. Trade Street, Suite C
Post Office Box 340 Tryon,  NC  28782
(828) 859-3072
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PANGAEA Internet | Post Office Box 340 | Tryon | NC | 28782


PANGAEA on a mission to connect community

Read about it here:

Tryon Bulletin 2-23-14



PANGAEA is the only service in the community that can provide reliable connection for VoIP

We refer all of our VoIP customers to PANGAEA. It is the only service in the community that can provide reliable connection for these types of phone setups.
Dana Conner, Conner Computer Consultants, Inc., Rutherfordton, NC

PANGAEA has provided a very high standard for uptime and quality of service

PANGAEA has provided a very high standard for uptime and quality of service for our business. This is critical we use the internet for our phone systems, where we take a large number of sales orders through our call center operation. They have been a great partner.
Richard Hendricks, Tanner Companies, LLC, Rutherfordton, NC

Rock solid, unmatched speeds and uptime

Rock solid for over 4 years now, and ever expanding. Our customers who have switched to PANGAEA are thrilled with the unmatched speeds and uptime as well.
Tom Roberson, City Computer, Forest City, NC

Since 2008, I have been continually impressed with the stability of the network and the quality of support

After years of trying competing services with unsatisfactory results, I connected with PANGAEA in 2008 and have since been continually impressed with the stability of the network, and the quality of support I’ve received. In my business the ability to upload HD video content quickly is imperative; PANGAEA is extremely fast and very reliable.
Kyle Sisk, Divine Communications, Forest City, NC

A reliable network is key to my business

A reliable network is key to my business. Without PANGAEA I would be stuck with those “Other guys” that go down once or twice a month. An internet outage costs me money. The few times PANGAEA did have an outage over the past 7 years (I can count them on one hand) the service was restored quickly due to the staff working day and night to get it up and running again.
William (Billy) King, High-Tech House Call, LLC, Tryon, NC

Thank you for providing the best internet service

From the first day of service, we have not had a single issue with PANGAEA’s services. We have had numerous other companies call us inquiring about using their service. Once we tell them what we have for the price, they tell us they can’t beat it. The staff that we have dealt with has always been friendly, knowledgeable, and represents PANGAEA in a professional manner. Thank you for providing the best internet service.
Brian Ross, Foothills Gun Gallery Corp., Columbus, NC

It is very unique to have such a fast, professional service in this area

Our business loves PANGAEA! We have had no connection issues! It beats bundles that make no business sense from other providers. I believe it is very unique to have such a fast, professional service in this area – and I also believe it will grow to be more significant! Our business had a power outage and it was within a few minutes that we received a call from PANGAEA to see if everything was OK. Go PANGAEA!
Judd Daniel, Daniel Dry Goods, Tryon, NC

The upload and download speed is of utmost importance to us and adds to our efficiency

We appreciate the reliability and speed of our PANGAEA Internet Service. The speed at which we can upload and download photos for listings is of utmost importance and adds to our efficiency.
Kathy Toomey, New View Realty, Tryon, NC

For any business network, switching to PANGAEA should be a no-brainer

Best thing we ever did was switch to PANGAEA, as it relates to internet connectivity. It ended 10 years of frustration with other local options. For any business network this decision should be a no-brainer.
Lonnie Raber, Gospel Express, Columbus, NC

Being able to offer fiber optic internet to potential tenants has swayed the decision for several interested businesses

I have a different experience than most with PANGAEA as the Director of the Mill Spring Ag Center. Being able to offer fiber optic internet to potential tenants has swayed the decision for several businesses interested in renting here. And as always, Stu has been a great resource and a great partner for the Ag Center.
Patrick McLendon, Mill Spring Ag Center, Mill Spring, NC

Great company to work with

PANGAEA not only provides an excellent product but more importantly, are extremely responsive to technical problems and can be relied upon to follow up to ensure complete resolution to a problem. Great company to work with.
Daniel Brenman, Airspace USA, LLC , Mill Spring, NC

PANGAEA’s responsiveness and willingness to help at any time is “stu”pendous!

PANGAEA has been an incredible upgrade from the nationally known provider we used previously. Their responsiveness and willingness to help at any time is “stu”pendous! We are very thankful to have this resource!
Dorothy Roche, Herrmann International, Lake Lure, NC

Exceptional customer service, extremely competitive price

PANGAEA has always been very responsive to our questions and concerns. Stu provides exceptional customer service. And the price is extremely competitive.
Karyl Fuller, Isothermal Planning, Rutherfordton, NC

Very reliable service, no down time

PANGAEA has provided us with very reliable service. We have not experienced any down time since we signed up with their service. We would definitely recommend their service.
Samuel Staton, Staton & Cooper, PC, Rutherfordton, NC

PANGAEA gives us faster speed, lower monthly costs & reliability

Switching to PANGAEA for our internet service when our office relocated was the best decision we could have made! Compared to our previous provider, PANGAEA has given us faster speed, lower monthly costs & reliability. Thank you PANGAEA!!!
Tracie Washington, Coldwell Banker-Matheny Real Estate, Rutherfordton, NC